“Peter is a dedicated and very skilled storyteller. His understanding of story is both nuanced and flexible. By that I mean he’s able to grasp the necessary structural underpinnings of different kinds of shows, but he also notices the little things and cares about them. As an editor, he’s a self-starter who doesn’t wait for a producer to tell him what to do; he looks at the material and immediately begins formulating ideas and putting in the work. On “Outlaw Empires,” that ability to self-start and his overall contributions were invaluable. Peter is a pro’s pro, a person with talent and ability who is not a diva, but rather a team player with a positive attitude. I would love to work with him again on just about anything.”

-Christopher Meindl, Co-Executive Producer on Kurt Sutter’s Outlaw Empires

“Not only is Peter a very talent editor, but he has the ‘x factor’ of really caring about making the best possible show. The Netflix show we most recently did together was for the millennial audience and Peter did an outstanding job of helping to create a repeatable fast-paced, highly stylized feel while still taking the time to understand each episode’s talent to know what mattered and what didn’t. He has well thought out opinions to explain his decisions when you enter his bay, but still maintains the open mindset to listen and adjust as necessary. I look forward to working with him again.”

-Ian Sambor, Executive Producer on Droppin Cash: LA

“Peter is a smart storyteller who can always find compelling stories in raw material. He cares deeply about his work and has the initiative and story sense to propel a show forward. He doesn’t need hand-holding, but is a great collaborator working with producers and other editors. He definitely makes good shows better.”

-David Story, Executive Producer on Monster Encounters

“Peter is a talented editor who brought fresh ideas and smart choices to our project. He’s a strong collaborator with a deep bag of editing tricks, and would be a valuable asset to any production.”

-Beata Ziel, Co-Executive Producer on Legendary Locations

Very thankful I found Peter. Great instincts, spot on sensibilities…elevated ideas and made them a reality. Also, very nice to work with, which is a HUGE ‘win’ throughout this process. Bring him onboard if you have the chance.

Nate Thomas, Development Executive on Animation Nation

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As a seasoned television professional with over 25 years of experience in all facets of television production and post, Peter Ochs has garnered credits as a Writer, Director, Producer & Editor, having developed an impressive skill set which he enthusiastically brings to each and every project.

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